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Behold the journey of the magician Daniel Adrian

and a few References...
On a cold autumn night of the Year of Grace 1960, a day before Halloween, the wolves howled in the distance, I sobbed for the first time in a cradle suspended between two gargoyles.

Fortunately a hallucinatory fairy passing by had compassion in mind and began to become my good godmother. She approached the crib and gently whispered some magic words in the hollow of the ear.
And so little already (although I never really was little) I presented a few miracles before the astonished eyes of my family.

I then made stumbled upon a real club for young magicians in Brussels, it was the big incentive: discovery of new friend magicians, who are mostly professional magicians today ... (Bob Alan, Fredini, Lelouchier Philippe, Marc Decoux etc. ...), new tricks, new books etc ... I was enchanted.

Over time I constituted a small directory and initiated me to the dove magic and manipulation.

I presented myself to a few contests and won the third prize at the Congrès Français at Versailles in 1984.
Later I discovered mime, acting, theatrical techniques with a friend (Vincent Rubinfajer, a student of Marcel Marceau).

I began to create numbers combining these techniques with magic. This combination had some success with Feelings and obtained a first prize at the Belgian Championship in 1987.

In 1984 I had the second meeting with a fairy godmother (the fairy Annick). This one bewitch and charmed me to the point that we decided to no longer leave each other.
So together we started to build our future but also a number based on the masks and this following a Commedia del arte course with Franco Dragone (director of Cirque du Soleil and others).
In 1989 important meeting with Stanislas (creator of Cirque du Trottoir) who had the idea to design a show with several magicians (the show was called quite simply "Les Magiciens").

Great experience, for 7 years we traveled a lot, played a lot, and we had a great time (thank you Mr Stanislas). Due to this show we made many new intresting acquaintances and I also developed a new character for my show for children.

Since then I continued to think of shows trying to combine the magic techniques, theatrical techniques and a sense of humor.

Thus in 1998 I reworked an old technique of the 18th century (we also used in the show "Les Magiciens") and won two first prizes with "Il Tabarino".

Later on I discovered the public fascination with the unexplainable and paranormal phenomena. So I imagined a very strange story that mixes fantasy and bizarre tricks.

In the same spirit, following a request from Stanislas (again ...), Annick as palmist and myself in seeing witch ... not too lucid, we developed an animation of witchcraft to consume in moderation .. .

On another note I had the pleasure of meeting Arthur Tivoli (specialist balloon figures) whom made me discover there was a way, with balloons, to do something else than a small dog or a small rabbit ...

We also revamped our illusion show in order to present a complete show of more than one hour.

Here are some of my references :


- 1st Prize Arts Annexes Championnat in France (AFAP) in 1998
- 1st Prize Arts Annexes Championnat in Belgium in 1998
- Participation at the World Championship in 1988 at La Haye
- 1st Prize de Magie Générale au Championnat in Belgium in 1987
- 3rd Prize de Magie Générale au Championnat in France in 1984


- International gala Congrès Magique in Brussels en 2009
- Magic festival in Nivelles in 2008
- Festival "Magic Meribel" 2005 & 2007
- Creation of the Wickawitch Show for the amusement park Bellewaerde for "Horror Fest" Halloween 2003 and a new show in 2004, 2005, 2008 and 2010
- Performance with "Cirque du Trottoir" for Princess Astrid and her family as part of the festivities for the 10-year reign of King Albert II in 2003
- Creation and performance of the show 'The Magiciens' in collaboration with the 'Théâtre Attrape' (Le Cirque du Trottoir)
1989 : Aix en Provence, Marseille, Paris, Brussels (A/B)...
1990 : Lausanne, Annecy, Créteil, Arlon, Welkenraedt, Brussels (Passage 44, A/B)...
1991 : Rouen, Vienne, Créteil (8x), Yverdon, Bienne, Ieper, Dilbeek, Spa, Woluwe (Delvaux)...
1992 : Suisse, Montélimar, Lyon, Valence, St Étienne, Dieppe,...
1993 : Suisse, Aubagne, Lyon, Aubenas, Fos/Mer, Tain l'Hermitage, Ixelles (Senghor),...
1994 : Dijon, Grenoble, Fos/Mer, Lyon,...
1995 : Lille, Mulhouse, St Lo, Ales,...
- Italian Magic congres in Bologne in 1987
- Magic National belgian congres in 1988
- Festival de Théâtre in Welkenraedt
- T.B.S. Night at the Casino of Middelkerke...
- Magic days at Brupark

Television & Cinema

- France2 : Le plus Grand Cabaret du Monde in januari 2011
- RTBF : consultant for Cap48 in 2006, 2007, 2008 et 2009
- B.R.T. : Het Station (3x) - Baraka
- R.T.B. : Headliner
- Participation in the film " Les 7 Péchés Capitaux "

Animations and Close-up

Trade show at ISM Cologne for Lotus, publicity campaign "Back to School" 2004 for LU biscuits, Campaign Launch Frutopia (COCA-COLA), 100 Years of Football Club of Stuttgart, Home and Public Part concerts Nilda Fernandez at the Olympia in Paris, opening HABITAT in Barcelona Open Days Niederrhein (3 years), Day Stroumfs (Grand Place), children's Day Kellogg's, World Meeting SWIFT, 25 C&A, World Congress of Young Economy Room, Holiday Fair in Hasselt, Inauguration FEELING magazine, 20 km from Brussels, Gent Decascoop, Mirano Continental, Abbey Floreffe, IKEA, SQUARE VIDEO, BMW,, ...


Romeyer, Kasteel van Zwijnaarde, Kasteel van Zaffelare, Château du Lac de Genval, Château d'Enghien, Château de Petit-Leez, Kasteel van Groot-Bijgaarden, Brussels Hilton, Hôtel Ramada, Hôtel Holiday-Inn, Westminster Hotel au Touquet, Europa Hotel, Antwerp Hilton Hotel, Ferme du Château de la Hulpe, Caves de Cureghem,...

Company parties, associations and others

EuroControl, American Express, Banksys, Shape, Touring Secours, Solvay, Belgacom, Westinghouse, Dexia, Procter & Gamble, OTAN, Golf du Berquy, Motorola, Banco di Roma, I.B.M., A.G., Banque Générale, Assubel, Monsanto, Volvo, E.B.E.S., B.N.P., Renault, Hewlet-Packart, Boeringher-Mannheim, Nestle, Citroën, P.M.U., Alcatel, Europa Meubel, AT & T, ...


Many schools in Brussels: Ecole Préparatoire et Maternelle R. Catteau, Ecole Maternelle et Préparatoire des Pagodes, Athenée Maimonde, Ecole Maternelle de la Buanderie, Ecole Maternelle des Riches Claires, Ecole Maternelle Maurice Carême, Ecole Préparatoire Emile Bockstael, Ecole Fondamentale E. Andre, Ecole Princesse Paola, e.a.
Outside Brussels : Ecole Maternelle d’Hembeek (NoH), Ecole St Vincent de Paul (Enghien), Ecole Jean Paul II (Perwez), Ecole de la Gaminerie (Lessines) etc...ainsi que de nombreuses écoles en région néerlandophone.

In 2003 we were contacted by the Park Bellewaerde to present a show for Halloween season. The Wickawitch Show was born ... Following the success of this show we have developed a new show each season, one in 2004, 2005, 2008 and a new version in 2010, "The Rat Professor".

Thus we have done about forty shows and reached about 20,000 spectators per season.

That's it for now... I still have many projects in mind, but that's another story ...
In 2006, the RTBF called upon my services (via the intermediary of l'école de Cirque in Brussels) as a consultant to create a magic show for presenters of the channel as part of the recording of the operation CAP48 at the Cirque Bouglione operation. Since then the exercise was repeated successfully four times:

In 2006 Jacques Mercier and Barbara Louys presented the "Swords in basket"
In 2007 François de Brigode and Joëlle Scoriels presented the "Cut woman"
In 2008 Marc Herman and Maureen Louys presented the "Lévitation"
And in 2009 it is a once again François de Brigode and Johanne Montay who presented a number of "Comedy Magic"

In 2007 I realized a childhood dream (another one...) with the purchase of my first parrot, a Sulphur-crested Cockatoo named Gringo!
Since then I discovered a passion for these birds that have a remarkable intelligence (as well as a very unique character...)

Thus two macaws, two sunparakeets, an Amazon and a few parakeets joined the ranks of the troops ...

To this end I reworked my bird show "Icariha" in 2008 by incorporating the cockatoos and parakeets. Other birds will be incorporated as and when their training permits.

I had the great pleasure to record this number for Patrick Sébastien's Show: "Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde" on France2.
The difussion was on 22 January 2011.