Daniel Adrian Magician or Wizard… the choice is up to you !

Professional magician for many years, Daniel Adrian mixes magic, mime, illusions, originality, dexterity and creativity for your greatest pleasure.

He presents a close-up show at your table, or real illusions for the bigger stages. For children from 5 to 95.

Daniel has many show and animation possibilities adapted to your party and to your budget.

Here are a few examples :

Close-up : An animation for a reception or at your table during a dinner party

Trucabrac : Show and animation for children

Il Tabarino : a liitle bit of mime, a hat & some pirouettes : a moment of dream

Karabatch : a character, his strange magic and disturbing stories

Wickawitch : two wicked witches bring your dark night to life…

Ballooning : a bag filled with balloons and a strand of imagination

Wickawitch Show : a vampire, a witch, a dwarf troll and some illusions ”made in


Icariha : Manipulation & Birds

If you have some questions or want more informations don't hesitate to contact us

Shows and Animations from the Magician Daniel Adrian

Theatruc - Daniel Adrian - 1430 Bierghes - Belgium
tel : 00 32 (0)2 582 48 61 - mobile : 00 32 (0)477 54 23 86 - Mail : daniel@theatruc.com